Gr8 edu-tweets June 1-12, 2009

So, I thought I'd really better start saving some of the fantastic links other teachers share with me - that I "favorite" while on Twitter - but as there's just so much great stuff flying out across the world... am never going to be able to keep up with these unless I organize them on the blog!

Teacher, developing

via @lclandfield:

via @Larryferlazzo RT @shaunwoodnz:


Teaching in a digital age

via @AngelaMaiers

via @datruss

via @reportertanya RT @web20classroom

via @ShellTerrell RT @Larryferlazzo

Teaching: videos

via @sethdickens:

via @tomwhitby


Second Language Acquisition

via @cgoodey RT @Blythe_Musteric

via @nealchambers

via @ShellTerrell RT @via @CotterHUE:



via @neal chambers

via @barbsaka

via @CotterHUE RT @barbsaka @EnglishProfi by @danzarrella


Hope these links are useful for you too - the pics are linked as well - don't hesitate to add to the list of interesting tweets or to ask questions!


2 Responses to “Gr8 edu-tweets June 1-12, 2009”

  • ShellTerrell says:
    July 13, 2009

    Great idea, Karenne! I was just thinking of doing something like this but only a pic of 5 tweets for the week & write what I liked about them & why they struck me! Probably going to do this every Saturday or Sunday! Yours is way more in depth, though.

    July 13, 2009

    Shelly, there are literally millions of tweets to sort through- so I think it's a great idea to go on ahead and do this... plus we can link back towards each other's as we'll no doubt be finding different great stuff! Tweet me!



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