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The IATEFL Online Project is a British Council / IATEFL partnership established to provide online conference coverage of the Annual IATEFL Conference.

Now in its fourth year, IATEFL Online returns in 2010 for the Annual IATEFL Conference, April 7- 10, in Harrogate, UK.

IATEFL Online will showcase the best of the conference providing interactive web coverage for remote participants around the globe with live video, interviews with presenters, dedicated forums, photo galleries and much, much more - so that ELT professionals can abreast with the conference even if they're not able attend in person.

IATEFL Online are currently looking for two Roving Reporters (RRs) to report on the major debates, news and 'coffee bar gossip' at IATEFL Harrogate as it happens.

Using laptops to produce quick-fire reports, mini-interviews and live personal impressions during each day, published on the Harrogate Online website, the RRs will communicate the excitement of the IATEFL conference and key points of the debates happening in Harrogate.

The two Roving Reporters will be ELT practicioners who have not had the chance to attend the IATEFL conference yet and who have dreamt of attending but would find it impossible, or almost impossibe, to fund themselves to do so.

The selected RRs will have their full conference fee, flights and connecting travel, hotel accommodation, meals and subsistence paid for (arranged by the British Council in London).

In order to apply to become one of 2010's Roving Reporters, complete the Writing Challenge below and send it IATEFLHarrogate2010 Reporters@ britishcouncil. org or by Fax: + 44 (0) 207 389 4464. .


Imagine that you have been commissioned by your Teachers' Association or local teachers' group to write a report or article of an EL teacher development event - a report that will be uploaded to the TA or group website to be read by teachers worldwide.

  • Give your article an engaging title.
  • Base your report on a real event you've attended as a participant, trainer or organiser, preferably during 2008-2009.
  • This can be a meeting, seminar, workshop, debate, conference, webinar or similar. The teachers can be from the private or state sector; and can be from any level - primary, secondary, vocational, higher education, etc.
  • Produce a piece of writing that is both interesting as well as informative.
  • Imagine that your article will be read by those who attended as well as many other teachers who didn't get the chance to attend this time. You need to capture the 'flavour' of the event (what was it like to be there? who was there?*) as well as the key activities and discussions. Also reflect on the event in your article (was it successful? was it special? why?). (*Feel free to use fictitious names if you wish to protect your colleagues' privacy.)
  • WORD COUNT: The maximum word count is 500 words.

Remember that you are not writing an academic or bureaucratic report.

  • Your article should be informative, interesting, clearly structured and not too formal. It must be your work.
  • IATEFL Online want to hear your 'voice', and sense how well you can reach out to other teachers through your words.
  • Your readership covers the full range of EL teachers, from the nervously newly qualified to the 'old hands'.
  • Keep technical terms and abbreviations to a minimum so that your piece is as accessible and easy to read as possible.
Applications from previous competition entrants are welcomed but you must submit a new piece of writing.

Please write your name, job title and institution, email address, snail mail address plus any fax and telephone numbers at the end. Confirm that you would be available to be in the UK from 6-13 April 2010 inclusive, and to attend the entire conference, including the Pre-Conference Day (7 April).


Send your article, plus your CV, by email or fax to:
Penny Trigg and Julian Wing, British Council; Graham Hall, IATEFL

IATEFLHarrogate2010 Reporters@ britishcouncil. org or Fax: + 44 (0) 207 389 4464.


The deadline for receipt of entries is end Friday 11 December 2009 (UK time).

Entries received after this deadline will not be considered. We will not be able to return or comment on any of the entries. (Please note that British Council members of staff are not eligible to take part in this competition. )

The two winners chosen to be 2010's Roving Reporters will be notified by late January.

NB: The two Reporters will need to arrive in Harrogate on 6 April; and will depart from the UK on 13 April. Laptops will be supplied for the duration of the conference.

And by the way, those sending complete entries will receive a DVD containing resources for EL teachers.

Good luck!!

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