ELT Blogosphere & Twitterverse, Summary Feb 2010

Top posts on Kalinago English in February
ELT Carnival of Lessons, deadline March 21st, 2010

And the stuff I really enjoyed reading last month....

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          8 Responses to “ELT Blogosphere & Twitterverse, Summary Feb 2010”

          • Vicki Hollett says:
            March 08, 2010

            What a terrific service you provide - so much great reading all listed and organized for us.
            I've already found lots of gems following these links and I'm only half way through. Thank you Karenne!

          • Adam says:
            March 08, 2010

            Thank you for including me in the selection, although I guess this means I'll actually have to finish the series now.

          • Chiew says:
            March 08, 2010

            Thanks for including my post among this illustrious list. I hope it'll encourage some readers to take the challenge!

          • darren says:
            March 09, 2010

            Cheers Karenne. I also enjoyed Adam's, Nick's and Vicki's posts to start with, but I'll go and ferret through a few more now ; D

          • Aminhotep says:
            March 09, 2010

            It is an honour to have my post included on your list. It is in good company with some great links and insightful fellow educators. Nice work.

            Tristan (Aminhotep) Verboven

          • Aminhotep says:
            March 09, 2010

            There is some doubt about the authenticity of the posting Rules for teachers in 1872 by Lindsay Clandfield posted on this site: http://www.snopes.com/language/document/1872rule.asp
            It is worth checking out.

          • KALINAGO ENGLISH says:
            March 09, 2010

            Brilliant link! Thanks Tristan

            And to all of you, and those above - my absolute pleasure - I really enjoy your blogs and am glad you write them! Keep up the great work.


          • Jeremy Day says:
            March 13, 2010

            Hey Karenne

            Belated thanks for plugging two of my articles here. What would i do without you?

            One of these days I'll have enough time on my hands to be a proper blogger, but in the meantime, pls forgive my tardiness!



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