Getting Students Learning English through YouTube, H2LE (2)

This is the 2nd part of a the H-2-L-E series which contains a sheet you'll be able to share with your adult English language students so they can become more autonomous learners.

Did you know that there are some absolutely fabulous channels on YouTube which students can use to practice English?

In this sheet I will focus on some of the ones geared specifically at Adult English Language Learners.

Here is a quick preview of the ones that I often share with my own students:

Jennifer ESL:
Viewed over 1 million times, Jennifer's 144 videos range from teaching grammar to common expressions, phrasal verbs, American slang.  She offers help with pronunciation and even basic grammar and understanding prepositions.

Mister Duncan
This slightly nutty professor has made over 50 videos viewed 750,000 times and topics range from small talk topics, talking about cars or technology and general life issues like discussing health.  Some are serious reports, some are just plain odd!

Soxo Exchange
An extraordinary channel consisting of people simply pronouncing common words and phrases slowly and carefully, showing learners how to do it themselves.

Learn English with Steve Ford
Quirky Teaching English series of linked stories- soap opera style... however interjected with serious lessons and good clear explanations.

Business English Videos for ESL
Wide ranging videos perfect for Business English learners.  They cover diverse topics including grammar, business letter writing, email tune-ups and more.   The channel also includes specialized topics e.g IT and Computing, Legal and Financial vocabulary.

Do you know of any other good Youtube channels aimed at teaching English?  Share the information with us if they are sites which you and your students really enjoy learning from.

Miscellaneous extras:
In the spirit of not being judgmental... this, *blush* site is not at all for everyone but as some guys might have fun passing on the link to males they teach, I'll turn in the other direction while I give it to you -  no... I'll say oh heck, it's tacky but good and she is teaching vocabulary... it's just her way of sharing knowledge!
Um... 278 million views.  ((Not listed on the master sheet though)).

Finally, if you teach kids or your students have them, this is a lovely site of very simple songs.


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      12 Responses to “Getting Students Learning English through YouTube, H2LE (2)”

      • Daily Alchemist says:
        February 06, 2010

        Thanks for those links. I also recommend VOA's Learning English series. VOA has their own channel on Youtube, just search it with Learning English. Thanks again.

      • Anne Hodgson says:
        February 06, 2010

        Hi Karenne, I keep wanting to post Hot For Words for my learners, but there's something about her videos that makes me think, naa, I can't. I don't usually shy away from sexy topics and am more than ready to find woman comediennes funny. But she#s not, really, at least not to me. What is it about her that makes a woman blush? Not quite camp enough to let us in on the joke, perhaps?

      • KALINAGO ENGLISH says:
        February 06, 2010

        Wphoo, Anne - difficult question, thing is I really had to think about whether or not to include Ms.hot4words because what would I be saying about myself if I did.

        I watched several of them, in the past as well as this time round - and at the end of the day, there is quality in her work. She knows what she's talking about and she researches, probably very thoroughly.

        In the end I had to realize that while her approach would not be my approach I respect her intelligence and knowledge.

        Now, what is it that makes women like us (assumption of course) blush... is she's sexy.

        She's sexy in a way that most of us aren't brave enough to be (me) and in a way (278million viewers) that many men find very appealing!

        Do you agree or am I way off here?


      • KALINAGO ENGLISH says:
        February 06, 2010

        You're welcome, Neil - am very glad you find them useful!


      • Christina Markoulaki says:
        February 06, 2010

        Excellent selection of YouTube channels. I'll be subscribing in most of them. Sincere thanks!

      • Anne Hodgson says:
        February 06, 2010

        Right, it's as if more sexy means less funny. She sells herself as both. Some guy said women couldn't be both, and Ms Hot4Words seems to prove him right. Hmpf. Bugs me, coz I'd like to like her.

        Blushing, But Not Prude ;)

        PS: Very nice channel selection!

      • Sue Lyon-Jones says:
        February 07, 2010

        Thanks for posting these, Karenne!

        There are a couple I haven't seen before, & I can see the Business English ones coming in particulary useful.

        Sue :-)

      • Mike Harrison says:
        February 07, 2010

        Thanks for sharing all this, Karenne.

        I'll definitely check them out because I somehow talked myself into teaching Business English this term (ooops - I don't enjoy it as much as General), so I'll have a look at the Bus Eng channel you mentioned above.

        I'd also link - Jamie Keddie's doing a great job, and it's saved my bacon a number of times when I've had to cover classes :D


      • KALINAGO ENGLISH says:
        February 07, 2010

        Brilliant, Mike - I'd forgotten that TEFLclips is different from JK's blog. Have added it as a link up above, ta for the reminder!

        Hi Sue,

        Bizpod actually have a podcast which students can subscribe to via i-tunes, (the next H2LE :-))

        To be honest that's even better than the video site (though I think many students do enjoy watching to listening)


      • Dave says:
        February 10, 2010

        Excellent article. I always want to use more youtube videos, but never seem to make the time. This certainly puts it all into a nice list for me.

        I have used a good channel in the past to teach TOEFL. It is here:

        The TOEFL tests are excellent, and even if your students aren't studying for the test, the exercises are great. They are good for advanced students to practice listening and speaking.

      • KALINAGO ENGLISH says:
        May 28, 2010

        Another site just found through Janet Bianchini's blog (added to the hand-out for students)

        BBC Learning English

      • speak_english says:
        August 04, 2010

        Youtube and such media are very important to help English students to improve their English.

        It's very powerful because of many factors, one of them (and the best) is because it's FREE!!


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