Happiness is...

 1.  the surprising, unexpected, acts of kindness from strangers.

  You are a very beautiful person, Miss ALiCe_M : I love my picture,
it's going into my happy-memories-box

2.  Hearing or reading things which solidify the way you think

#rscon @alexfrancisco quoting @daviddeubel eflclassroom 2.0 - the future of teaching is learning (wicked quote, must remember 2 fav 4 me 2)Sat Jul 31 20:10:57 via TweetDeck

'The thinking teacher is ....no longer someone who applies theories, but someone who theorizes practice' Edge, quoted by KumarSat Jul 31 14:32:29 via TweetDeck

3.  Having one's work/words appreciated by peers

Participate in Karenne's edublogging poll http://bit.ly/aCnaal @kalinagoenglish Thanks for a gr8 session this morning! #rscon10Sat Jul 31 13:10:54 via web

Blogging is "just simply one of the necessary steps in the future of written communication" from @kalinagoenglish #rscon10Sat Jul 31 12:54:54 via TweetDeck

Gr8 participation of @kalinagoenglish! I really got impressed of how she handled the presentation. Wish I can have the slides soon #rscon10Sat Jul 31 13:06:08 via TweetChat

No matter what anyone else says about Social Media, having & being a part of a global Professional Learning Network is mostly about living happiness.


3 Responses to “Happiness is...”

  • Anonymous says:
    August 01, 2010

    Hey this is so cool! I thought of you and your recent post about technology as soon as I saw the cave in the "Images chef"tool. Thanks for the lovely title and post, very sweet of you. Glad the pic is going into your happy memory box (and time capsule!).


  • David says:
    August 02, 2010


    Nice points and thanks for the kind mention. It must be my philosophy background, I have a latent talent for aphorism!

    I will add my own. Happiness is Happeness....or as Wilma Cather so wrote, "being immersed and absorbed in a complete whole" - meaning, just being deeply engaged and involved in what you do. I think many of us are.... that keeps me happy.


  • Vicky Loras says:
    August 03, 2010

    Hi Karenne!

    I love your post because it reminds me why I admire certain educators - like you: for the reason that they work hard and are an asset to education, they know how to appreciate other people's positive comments about them and love learning.

    I truly hope to meet you face to face one day - I think we will be talking for hours!

    Kindest regards,


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