29 Top Tweets in #TEFL 2010-Sept-08

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It's been a busy summer I tell ya, I've hardly had a spare minute to do the thing I love most... i.e. blogging and hanging out on Social Media.  Nevertheless, after a week of spending time with two lovely twitter ladies, Shelly and Marisa, on an island in Greece (photos coming soon, I have to figure out how to get them off the Prada as my digital camera packed up and I was forced to use the camera phone...) am beginning to surface and catch up on the rather long task list...   so here are some of the links which have been flying around the rather transient 'verse - the stuff I favourited, visited, enjoyed and recommend to you - the stuff I grabbed while lurking here and there but which I'm hoping you'll enjoy finding again too :-).

Teaching English as a Foreign Language:  

*Issues in our industry

Can't wait for part 2! RT @kenwilsonlondon BLOG POST - Motivating the Unmotivated - Part 1 http://bit.ly/bYBxPaFri Aug 27 16:05:05 via web

***please note URL change: http://kenwilsonelt.wordpress.com/2010/08/30/2465/

Sorry to tell you, but if your students are bored, its your fault http://wp.me/ptcfd-6o #education #edchat #publicspeakingThu Aug 19 17:07:48 via web

...just in time, Trtistan's post is, while we all gear up for classes and the conference season begins :)))

"Most of our classrooms were built under the assumption that info is scarce ..." http://bit.ly/bdG3EG #edreform #edtech gr8 post by @EnglishFri Sep 03 09:08:52 via RSSFlashg

RT @FlyontheCWall: good common sense regarding classroom control http://ow.ly/2A6O2Mon Sep 06 15:35:40 via TweetDeck

*Teaching English Tips

Great series of interviews on Innovations in Teaching http://bit.ly/96iHGr - podcasts include @Harmerj and @thornburyscottSun Sep 05 07:50:29 via TweetDeck

RT @kalinagoenglish: via @PrestwickHouse How to Spell http://bit.ly/cTZViG -> Loved it. Thanx! :-)Thu Aug 26 11:55:02 via TweetDeck

General English

RT @ddeubel: Reasons to use current events in the class. God bless Dewey! http://bit.ly/cYFvbbMon Aug 16 12:50:46 via TweetDeck

The TEFL Times » Teaching factual writing: purpose and structure http://bit.ly/8YgJgTThu Aug 26 10:31:30 via web

Alternatives to writing book reports after reading http://bit.ly/cZZyY5Thu Aug 26 09:04:25 via TweetDeck

Business English/ ESP

Do u have European Business English ss who need 2 practice listening 2 Indian Accents = http://www.ndtv.com/video #besigFri Sep 03 09:44:05 via web

The TEFL Times » Who qualifies to monitor an ESP course: a content teacher or a language teacher? http://bit.ly/dgKBEhThu Aug 26 10:33:08 via web

Tech Tools + Teaching

RT @gcouros: So helpful: New Teacher Tech Survival List http://bit.ly/blRVnXFri Sep 03 03:15:57 via TweetDeck

...excellent tips! One to bookmark for sure, thanks Rick

Google Brings Voice Calling to Gmail http://bit.ly/9mtpiY via @mashableWed Aug 25 17:08:18 via twitterfeed

RT @NikPeachey: 39 web based resources for vocab development http://bit.ly/b43amF #efl #elt #edtech #esol #tesol #eslSun Sep 05 15:59:40 via TweetDeck

Podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges http://goo.gl/JJUk #podcast #edtech #ntchatWed Aug 25 16:19:48 via web

MYBLOG Webtools to enhance LISTENING: This afternoon, I presented a session about sites to help students improve t... http://bit.ly/aa3RjcFri Aug 20 22:26:33 via twitterfeed

Mainstream Educational Links of Interest  

Damage to language teaching 'irreparable' - Education News, Education - The Independent http://bit.ly/a2fUuXThu Aug 26 07:45:03 via TweetMeme

RT @englishraven: Larger class sizes can result in better education http://bit.ly/aCsASP #jalt #eflThu Aug 26 01:12:01 via TweetDeck

RT @ShellTerrell: RT @gcouros: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurt. creativity | Video http://bit.ly/bmbNXo #edchat #edreform - Lovd it! Thnx Shelly!Mon Sep 06 05:19:30 via TweetDeck

Digital Storytelling in Plain English. Using them as a digital explanation. Found on @wfryer 's blog http://goo.gl/aoPAFri Sep 03 18:07:41 via Shareaholic

Just commented. The post is worth your read >> The Impact of Awards (via @gcouros) http://bit.ly/aZvkpY #edchat #cpchat #educationTue Aug 24 22:07:22 via HootSuite

Frowns, Smiles + Laughs

RT @theteachershub: Article from BBC News - Is multi-tasking a myth? http://ow.ly/2ulHsWed Aug 25 16:02:00 via TweetDeck

More shock-horror from the NY Times: "Attention spans evolve and shorten": http://nyti.ms/aTDvaFSun Aug 22 08:29:49 via TweetDeck

RT @cbsiskin: @dudeneyge @daisybundle Why can't they tweet and chat over a pint at the same time?? - Cos NOBODY can multitask, remember?Thu Sep 02 19:56:44 via TweetDeck

If historical events had Facebook statuses (absolutely hilarious!) http://ow.ly/2uY73 via @researchgoddess and @lisibo | Big LOL =)Thu Aug 26 08:21:08 via TweetDeck

Wow! What a great day! After 18 months a teacher has finally asked me how to set up a blog. Is this the thin end of the wedge? #successFri Sep 03 08:57:23 via TweetDeck

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