Summer's gone

The leaves on the trees  in Stuttgart have started changing colour.  It's a really beautiful time of year that comes with a fresh, dry wind offering quite a cool start to the day but it does also have a warming sun in the middle of the afternoons carrying with it a magical golden light.  

Perfect for romantic walks through crisp leaves and arriving home to curl up with herbal teas.  However this year, it keeps catching me by surprise that the summer has actually gone... mainly because we didn't really have one so I feel a wee bit cheated, like I'm still waiting for the hot days to start.  But instead the heating's been turned on and I'm wearing snuggly socks inside my bed slippers.

How was your summer?  

Mine, apart from the wet and the mostly cold, was really quite fantastically busy and I found myself running around like a headless chicken - it didn't help, of course, that I had to fight computer problem upon computer problem... but I am finally beginning to catch up on the outstanding tasks in my in-tray as hurrah! I finally got my wee baby AcerAspire his very own Granddaddy... the Z5610 (yes, I know, the whole world is heading towards the i-pad) but I tell ya, after trying to get real work done on 8.9 inches I couldn't wait to get my hands on something bigger, faster,with much more functionality and of course, something you don't need to 'jail-break' into if you want to make it actually worth the price!

Anyway... this wasn't supposed to be an essay on the weather but instead a list of the posts I wrote over the summer which you might have missed while you've been busy yourselves!

Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to let me know if there's something you'd like written in particular and what your preferred posts are on.
Take care,

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    7 Responses to “Summer's gone”

    • Janet Bianchini says:
      October 04, 2010

      Karenne - you are absolutely amazing! You have been so busy this summer. Thank you so much for creating this catch-up revision post, as I don't know how, but I missed some of these fab postings.

      It'll be good to catch up as soon as I can.

      I'm enjoying the last vestiges of summer here in Abruzzo, which has been a good one this year. I'm looking forward now to gathering all the leaves in order to make leaf mulch, ready for my garden next year. Nature is a constant cycle and it involves a lot of work to keep up with it!!

      Have a great week.

      All the best


      October 04, 2010

      Thanks! Janet... yes, it's funny - once I started listing the posts I realized I really have to get over my "catholic" guilt of not doing enough! This summer was so hectic with an inbox that became a bottomless pit that I never got the chance to realize that actually some of the items were done!


      Enjoy last vestiges of summer in Italy, I think it must be really beautiful where you are!

    • Adam says:
      October 04, 2010

      Bloody hell, you were busy! The weather's just starting to make a turn for the worse here in Istanbul, just as the students arrive!

    • Queer English says:
      October 04, 2010

      Busy summer? Why am I not surprised?

      Karenne, you stay true and loyal to the craft / profession. (That's already admirable.) And then you work hard, probably harder than the rest of us -- that's MORE admirable. Like what Janet said, you are absolutely amazing.

      I actually started reading your older posts. But thanks for the reminder.

      Don't worry. They won't go unread, especially from someone like me who's a new fan of your "traces of wisdom."

    • Eva Buyuksimkesyan says:
      October 04, 2010

      Hi Karenne,

      Thanks for the summary of the summer. I have already bookmarked some of them.
      Well, we started to feel the chilly autmn with some sunshine. And with the schools life has become very hectic.
      Summer was like that too and boiling hot. I just enjoyed a cool (cool with both meanings) teacher workshop week in Yorkshire with Berni and a very relaxing week at a small seaside town with my family.
      Now I'm trying to catch up with everything; school,kids, etwinning projects and I think it's time to prepare my presentation for Paris
      Looking forward to meeting you soon.

    • Nick Jaworski says:
      October 05, 2010

      I'm so jealous of your German fall. I remember walking through the English Gardens in Munich at this time a year and how gorgeous they were. Very much reminded me of home.

      In Istanbul there are few trees around where I live or work. Sigh...

      October 06, 2010

      Weirdly enough we've had a few very hot days... since this post - I must have jinxed the weather demons!

      Thanks Ande, Andy, Eva and Nick for your support... do what I can and what I can't, I can't :)


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