Edu-Blogging Tip: Subscribe to your own blog...

by email.


I recently discovered one of my "best" articles (Speaking Tips for Teaching with TED) had disappeared... probably at some point I was deleting a spam-comment but accidentally deleted the full post!

However a quick search through my googlemail account led to the whole thing and I'll put it up again tomorrow.

So, edu-bloggers, if you haven't set up this back-up procedure yet, do!

How to subscribe to your own blog:
Wordpress has various useful plug-ins
I use Google's FeedBurner

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image credit Email by Sean MacEntee 

p.s. It looks like the problem was not my own fault, but blogger's!   A number of my posts are now missing in action and I will have to do a series of updates.  Don't hesitate to let me know if one of your favorites is missing!

4 Responses to “Edu-Blogging Tip: Subscribe to your own blog...”

  • André says:
    September 03, 2011

    good tip ;)

    maybe this is related: I often find great articles and later want to share them with friends but totally forgot the URL.. so I also use Twitter to remind myself of stuff I'd otherwise forget, a bit like post-it notes :)

    September 03, 2011

    hehe know the feeling - I send as many of the ELT blogs to delicious!

  • Richard says:
    September 08, 2011

    That's some great advice. I run a new ESL blog myself and any tips are greatly appreciated. I'll make back ups of my posts as I make them and in turn, I'll have a library of my past content. Thanks!

  • Escuela de Inglés en Valladolid says:
    November 16, 2011

    Thanks for the nice tips.


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