Fatally Financial

The messages of doom and gloom slither out of every corner of the newspapers.

Your students cautiously mention that their companies aren't doing so well this year.

How did it happen? How'd we get in this mess?

Did you know that you can use professionally made presentations in your classes? I got these above from SlideShare - a great site with many, many seriously good presentations which can be downloaded for free.

My favorite of these is Credit Cruncher (3rd one in the righthand bar) - although if you don't have a fast computer and can't see these, it might be a good idea to travel on over here.

The presentation is full of metaphor and meaning; the images used are simple, dynamic, straightforward and although the author uses few words, what's there creates a good lexical set.

Slideshares make excellent teaching aids, it's a good idea to spend a little time on their site although of course, I'll be dipping back in and showing you my faves. They're especially good for pre-teaching vocabulary, providing support to conversation activities and generally, they work well when blended-learning supplementing textbooks or other materials.

You can also discuss the visuals, stylistic cues and how well /accurate the slides are.


p.s. To buy a copy of my SimplyC:finance & investment €1.49 individuals, €4.99 institutes go here. To find articles, videos etc related to this theme, go here.

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