How do blogs work?


Hi ya ELT colleague,

If this is your first time visiting a blog you might be feeling a little confused so I thought I'd just jot you some notes.

  • A blog works in a slightly different way to a website.
  • All entries go in a last-date-first-on-the-page format.

Here's a great video which helps one understand blogging:

If you landed here from Google because you were looking for something specifically but you've no idea why it brought you here (& thanks for staying to find out), go up to the top-top left corner where there's a search bar and retype what you're looking for.

If it's about teaching or learning English, you'll find something here I'm sure.

You can also scroll down to look at the archives of past entries at the very bottom of the page.

Hope this was useful and welcome to my blog!


2 Responses to “How do blogs work?”

  • Unknown says:
    August 19, 2009

    I think your blog is wonderful. I've just started teaching, as in the past I've dabbled in it. Being very unconventional I was relieved to find that there is such a thing as "dogme" and your conversation control worksheets are ingenious! Thanks for being there for us, as I do feel a bit insecure to begin and don't want to use a course program but rather want to create one..... I am working with older Italian business men who are absolute beginners and quite proud.....Would love any suggestions......Carin, Italy

    August 21, 2009

    Hi Carin,

    Thanks so much and am really glad to be helping you out!

    Check out Scott Thornbury and Luke Meddings' Teaching Unplugged book - available via Amazon. This is a really excellent text for learning about student-centered training.

    Re your proud students, boy do I know what you're talking about! This is a really important issue to be aware of and hats off to you for recognizing it so early.

    I did a posting a while back that might help:

    Pride in Business English

    Take care,
    Karenne (in Germany!)


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