My new template!

Hey, is this the Kalinago English blog?


Just in case this is a repeat visit for you and you're feeling a bit confused, I've been slogging throughout the Easter break and hopefully have come up with something that's both pleasing to the eye and much more organized!

Unfortunately I lost some of the formatting in some of the posts due to the slightly different size of the 'main box' and will work on fixing these during the coming week.

Thanks so much for sending in your feedback to me throughout the last month -via the comments, email and Facebook - it was very much appreciated and helped me to create this new design.

If you like/hate it, don't hesitate to let me know!


p.s. If you're a fellow blogger - I got the basic template (free!) to work with from
Thanks OBT - I love it ;-)

p.p.s Special thank you has to go to Az who sent me 'pages' of feedback -dude, eternally grateful.

1 Response to “My new template!”

  • nicky says:
    April 14, 2009

    i like the change! a lot easier to get around to everything...

    speaking of blog layout etc., not long ago you commented that i needed a PDF button (or somethin' like that) for my worksheets, etc.--where can i get me one of them things?


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