A walk through my archives - June 2009

This month on Kalinago English I've been writing about teaching speaking in

and loaded up notes and teacher-training slideshares from two workshops I gave at the VHS in Leinfelden


Shared a vocabulary tip, inserting a bit of drama into this process and got some excellent extra suggestions and advice from readers in

Had a bit of a reflective moment and whittled on with thoughts on online relationships but also had a big ol' rant about teachers who are still not using technology in their classes in

...and according to a privately received email, the people who do these jobs are actually called Blacksmiths if they make the shoes and Farriers if they fit them on to the horses! See how much you learn when you're a blogger ;-), (Thanks, Bob!)


At the beginning of the month, I offered up my latest tech-tip on using google alerts and rss feeds to find information easily (important for bloggers too) in

Put out two call-outs for your participation & contribution to this page and still accepting your emails, recommendations, comments & forum additions via LinkedIn, Facebook or Yahoo!

But not Twitter, okay... I really do need more than 140 characters ;-).

captain bob

Offered up a poll looking for the best-class-busy-blogging here (results coming out: Wednesday!) and dealt with a frequent email request on how to find work in the TEFL industry by listing the links to the sites that usually deal with those issues here.

On How-2-Learn-English, my blog for students learning English, well... I lost my very newly smart, self-programmed, layout when tweaked one minor detail, so pah... another 10 hours down the drain!

Nevermind, I've uploaded a simple Blogger-supplied-Minima-template until I can find the time to redo it!

Wrote up a fun series on learning English through business quotations and included the wisdom of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sherman and Wayne Gretzky.


Posted up some videos and exercises for students:

  • Did you know, regarding the shifting paradigm the world is currently undergoing
  • The Break-Up, a funny web 2.0 best practices video which is especially good for marketing English students
  • Michael Jackson's Ben, in memory.

Discussed collocations that go with act and ask.

Dissected the words and expressions for saying nothing in Do you know your zeros and posted up a series of Business English pronunciation videos I got from Soxo-exchange.


I was also incredibly lucky:

Anthony Green of VOICEbook wrote up a lovely guest-piece for my students with a link to download a fab & free listening exercise - you can grab it too in

That's it!

I really hope you enjoyed your month with me.

Tomorrow I'll be listing up the links to all the fab blogs I've been enjoying from all across the blogosphere so prepare for a grand adventure, there are some truly brilliant minds out there.


1 Response to “A walk through my archives - June 2009”

  • Janet Bianchini says:
    June 30, 2009

    Congratulations on a fab posting as usual. You have achieved and given so much in only 30 days. I am definitely recommending your blog to my teachers next week.

    Janet x


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