Business English Teachers Conference - Poland, Nov 20-22nd 2009

BESIG conference

For the first time ever, the annual BESIG conference will be held outside central Europe and instead will take place in one of Poland's biggest cities - Poznan.

Every year the IATEFL Business English SIG conference draws between 350 and 550 participants, bringing together teachers, publishers, innovators, school representatives and it is a unique forum for anyone working in the field of business English teaching.

This year the plenary will be given by my favorite business course book author, Vicki Hollett, and she'll be talking to us about relationships and the effect interpersonal language has in the workplace.

Other great presentations include:

Anişoara Pop from Romania presenting asynchronous speaking and writing web 2.0 tools, Nick Robinson designing needs and means analysis in Financial English, Rita Baker spelling and Chia Suan Chong on an alternative to ELF.

Heike Philp, Graham Stanley and Holly Longstroth will be discussing business English in 2ndLife; Christiana Gardikioti will talk about how to make effective powerpoint presentations and Matt Firth will review the Legal English Certificate.

James Schofield will be informing us why Business students should read graded readers - but by the way, I need no convincing on that, my students LOVE his books - some have even written reviews...

David Cotton on authentic business videos, Duncan Baker chatting with you on finding business clients, Paul Emmerson (is this his first live workshop since he became a daddy? ;-)), will be highlighting his book, Business Vocabulary Builder; Anne Hodgson on monitoring and motivating our 1:1 students and also Tonya Trapp reviewing generation Y in business English.

And many, many, many, more fascinating presentations.

For more information about these, full workshop details etc, see the website:

Early bird registration (by Sept 30) - €120, €95 IATEFL members.


p.s to watch a video from last years' conference, see this posting here.

4 Responses to “Business English Teachers Conference - Poland, Nov 20-22nd 2009”

  • Unknown says:
    August 20, 2009

    Hello Karenne,
    Just for the record: Poland is most definitely a central European country; some people claim that Suchowola, a town in north-eastern Poland is actually the geographical centre of Europe ;)
    Best wishes (from Poland, of course),

    August 20, 2009

    Whoops Apple, I'm really sorry, this is what happens when you're an English teacher not a Geography teacher.

    What's the best way to refer to the conference being outside of Germany, Switzerland, UK etc - re Poland, so I can rewrite it in the text?

  • Unknown says:
    August 21, 2009

    No hard feelings ;)
    I'm afraid I'm also not an expert in geography, and honestly I've no idea how to put it in another way. I suppose it would be the best to just leave it as it is.

  • Ken Wilson says:
    August 21, 2009


    I came to protest at your locating Poland outside Central Europe, but I see that apple got here before me. I remember a Polish teacher telling me off about this, long before the Berlin Wall came down. She said Polish people had never considered themselves geographically or politically part of East Europe.

    Instead, young Karenne, I will thank you for your generous help setting up my blog, and look forward to seeing it in your list of favourites, as YOUR brilliant effort is in MINE. :-))


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