IATEFL Scholarships 2010 - deadline 18 September 2009!!

Attending something like the IATEFL probably seems like one of those unreachable career objectives.

I mean, the cost of the flight, hotels, the conference itself..?

We're EFL teachers, money is not exactly a plenty, now is it?

Well, guess what - there are scholarships!

Who knew, huh?

This is the copy of the email I got today:

Please can you spread the word that there are scholarships available to participate at IATEFL's Annual International Conference and Exhibition in Harrogate, UK, in April 2010.

There are 16 scholarships available, all with the deadline of 18th September 2009 for applications to reach IATEFL.

Please refer people to our website at

We hope to receive many applications this year.

With thanks and kind regards,

IATEFL Conference Organiser

I've had a look at what's on offer - basically, there are scholarships for non-members of IATEFL, many more for those who are members: scholarships aimed at teacher-trainers and trainees, first-time speaker awards, scholarships for new teachers(!), scholarships for those who teach with young learners, those who work on humanizing language teaching and much, much more.

So, want to develop your professional career in the field of English Language Teaching?

Head on over to their website and I'll see you in Harrogate.

Can't wait.


p.s Plenary speakers next year include Tessa Woodward, Kieran Egan, Ema Ushioda and Jan Blake - keep posted on updated details on the conference here.

p.p.s. To see how fab it was last year (I watched it all online earlier this year... which is why am going next) check out the forum, photos, filmed keynote presentations etc here.

1 Response to “IATEFL Scholarships 2010 - deadline 18 September 2009!!”

  • Maureen McGarvey says:
    August 21, 2009

    Thanks for raising people's awareness of the IATEFL scholarships. I sit on the Development Committee in International House London, which awards 5 scholarships to IATEFL. I've just had a look at the link you posted and have found a couple of nnacuracies, which I will let IATEFL know about, but which I also wanted to correct here for readers of your blog.
    The John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarships [of which there are 2] is not a one-off event for Exeter only, but an annual event. This scholarship had an early deadline and the two winners have already been selected and will present their research in Harrogate. In addition to the 2 Global Reach Scholarships, which are awarded to those who live outside the cheap flights network and which do not carry the requirement to present at IATEFL, we offer a further Training and Development Scholarship aimed at practising teachers/trainers to present the outcomes of their research at IATEFL. This scholarship, as its name indcates, relates more to trainers, and the deadline for this and for the Global Reach Scholarships is September 18th. The Training and Development Scholarship information does not appear to be on the page you linked, although IATEFL have assured me that it is on their website.
    I do hope that people will apply for these scholarships, and hopefully get to this fantastic event!
    Maureen McGarvey, Development Committee, International House London


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