Dogme Blog Challenge #10 The questions which continue to niggle...

and niggle...

Need a Spark?

For ten weeks we, as Educational bloggers, have explored the concepts and precepts of dogme together - we have enthusiastically shared our knowledge and experience, described what it has meant to us to adopt a student-centered approach to our language teaching and we've told thousands of others about how this practice has enriched our work and affected our classrooms.

But for this week (and for the next ones following until the end of the year) why don't we write posts which turn the tables on our readers, asking them about the questions they may still have...  or perhaps some of them will write their own questions telling us what it is that still niggles about dogme...

What stones have we left unturned?
And let's now listen deeply.

The Blog Posts Challenge #10
      Read previous Challenge blog posts:
      What is all this about? 
      The Dogme Blog Challenge + links to the blogs discussing Dogme
      The dogma of Dogme - background info & links
      Dogme ELT - other stuff I've written on Dogme

      How to share on Twitter:  use the #dogmeme hashtag

      How to share your fellow teachers' blog posts with each other?  Add/link to the blog(s) written on the subject on your post so they form a ring and your readers can travel on from post to post!

      How to respond?

      Comment below with short thoughts
      Go to your nearest yahoo!group and share your opinions
      with like-minded teaching colleagues

      Blog it:
      Write a list or tell a story, 
      compare lessons: dogme and non-dogme, 
      relate an experience, a contrary opinion,
      quote research, your own theory,
      submit mere musings, rant...
      share an idea, a paragraph, a dictionary's definition
      come up with a clever sentence,
      a beautiful photograph,

      a video-log
      an article or draft the bones of an essay, 
      share examples from your own classroom experience...

      In short, be dogmeic: personalize  your response!)

      Important URLs to quote/link to in your post (if necessary):
      • Teaching Unplugged:
      • Scott Thornbury's website + articles:
      • Scott Thornbury's blog:
      • Luke Meddings' blog:
      • Luke Meddings' on the Delta blog:
      • Dogme ELT in Wikipedia:

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