Karenne's Blue Carpet Nominations: Edublogs Awards 2010

Lifetime achievement
Alex Case

Wordpress recently knee-jerked and lost archived articles when Alex reached his 1000th post.

This probably says it all, doesn't it?  Since June 2007, Alex has consistenly challenged us; made us laugh; provided  us with endless lessons and worksheets.  He has been an exemplary edu-blogger and is more than worthy of this acknowledgement.

If I were allowed to nominate more bloggers in this category I would also  have been honored to nominate: Graham Stanley, Larry Ferlazzo, Eric Roth, David Deubel, Jeffrey Hill and Nik Peachey.

Best individual blog
Scott Thornbury

When Scott started blogging I had mixed feelings, would my techno-phobic (not true) favourite author stay the course?  Would he really participate in the 'sphere; would he be a consistent writer and sharer... about 6 months in, I wondered if, actually, I should just pack up shop.  There's no way I can/could ever produce the same quality of content.

Since last December, Thornbury has written pedagogically challenging posts, questioning parts of a book he had previously written and he has collaborated with us, his teaching readers, into thinking ever deeper into the ways we teach.  

I can think of no other blog more suitable for this award and therefore it is a complete honor for me to nominate the A-Z of ELT in the category of best individual blog.

Best teacher blog
Sabrina de Vita

There are literally so many blogs who fall naturally into this category that, in a dilemma, I almost decided not to nominate here.  Except that I decided to concentrate on development as a teacher blogger and I believe, having read her blog since 2008, that Sabrina's writing style has strengthened so much over the years - it has been an utter joy to read what happens in her classes.  

If I were allowed to nominate more bloggers in this category I would add: Sue Lyon Jones, Jason Renshaw, Darren Elliot, Özge Karaoğlu, Willy Cardoso, Eva Büyüksimkeşyan, Janet Bianchini, Marisa Constaninides, Vicki Hollett and Rick Oprea.

Best new blog
In the last year we have seen so many incredible new bloggers enter the 'sphere, so again this was an incredibly, incredibly difficult call to make.  However, I have searched through my favorites thoroughly and in the end have decided on  

Diarmuid Fogarty's Tao of Te(a)ching for its entirely unique approach and voice.

If I were allowed to nominate more bloggers in this category I would have also loved to have nominated:  Willy Cardoso, Candy Von Ost, Jeremy Harmer,  Adam Simpson, David Warr, Ian James, Mike Harrison, Dave Dodgson and Cecilia Coehlo.

Best resource sharing blog
Larry Ferlazzo...

I don't really need to say anything here, do I?

No one does it like Larzo!

Best educational tech support blog
Ana Maria Mendes

Ana consistently dreams up new and crazy ideas to get you teaching English with technology.  Because she is in the classroom and still working with students, her ideas are rock-solid and pedagogically sound.   I learn something new each time I go to her page and it's a pleasure for me to nominate her in this category.

If I were allowed to nominate more bloggers in this category I would have nominated: Nik Peachey, Özge Karaoğlu, Sue Waters, Richard Byrne and David Kapuler.

Best group blog
I almost skipped over this category as I couldn't come up with  what constitutes real-group blogging however I came to the conclusion that the new practice several bloggers have taken up of inviting guest posts must surely count as group blogging (especially as in many cases guest posts make up a third or more than half the content). 

So with this in mind, I would like to nominate someone who mixes his own fascinating posts with the stories of others, who has supported young ELT professionals more than anyone I can think of, by providing a space for their voices within his own space - creating a community of educators.  This person is someone worthy of a lifetime of achievement awards:

Ken Wilson
Given the above criteria, if I were able to nominate more than one blogger in this category, I would also nominate:  Lindsay Clandfield, Barbara Sakamoto and Shelly Terrell.

Most influential blog post
The post that most rocked the ELT blogosphere this year, No Dogme for EFL

Jeremy Harmer

Best individual tweeter
Oh, dear.

Another incredibly challenging nomination.  Does one nominate for number of tweets, for sharing great links, for the conversation?  What is the best individual tweeter supposed to look like?  

Well, I suspect, in fact, she looks like this:

Sue Lyon Jones

Others I would have been honored to nominate in this category:  Anna Pires, Sue Annan, Duncan Baker, Berni Wall, Tara Benwell, Mike Harrison, Marisa Constaninides and Shelly Terrell.

Most influential series of tweets & Best educational podcast

Run by five impressive tweeters who all deserve nominations as best individual tweeters as well: Olaf Elch, EnglishRaven, Rliberni, ShellTerrell and Marisa_C.  This site is based on providing a space for ELTeachers to connect with each other every Wednesday, to share their thoughts and impressions regarding our teaching practice.

Podcast interviews are produced and transcripts from each twitter discussion - therefore providing our PLN with a permanent record of learning.

Best educational use of a social network
As extraordinary as Twitter is, as the blogosphere is, as marvelous the numerous community platforms are, the most incredible site, in my mind, is 


Through their care and conscientous diligence, two remarkable educators, Tara Benwell and Josef Essberger, have managed this site for around 18months and through it, have encouraged students all over the world (some with no other access to teachers or a place to learn English) to  be able to come together online at any time in order to practice their English every day - and at the moment that's 27,208 of them!

Best use of a PLN
The entire #dogmeme crew:

For all those who have written blog posts to share their thoughts on the dogme, a student-centered approach to language teaching.

This nominaton is for those who have questioned and prodded at it,  made fun or raved about this special way to teach:  those who have chatted about it on Twitter, Facebook or in their classrooms and staffrooms; those who have opened the door to their lessons and those who mused or ranted in essays and articles, those who have sketched out dialogues and created videos:

Mike Harrison, Sabrina de Vita, Willy C Cardoso, Nick Jaworski , Cecilia Coelho, Candy Von Ost, Anne Hodgson, Sue Lyon Jones, Rick Oprea, Diarmuid Fogarty, Michelle Worgan, Dave Dodgson, Nick Jaworski, Jeremy Harmer, Andrew Pickles, Richard Whiteside, Natasa Grojic, David Warr, Anna Rolinska, Tara Benwell, James Taylor, Vicky Loras, David Deubel, Paul Braddock, Leahn Stanhope, Luke Meddings, Darren Elliot, Patrick Jackson and Evan Frendo...
This honour also goes to all of those in our PLN who have read the posts, retweeted the 60+ blog posts on to their own followers and fans.

This has truly been an extraordinary and never-seen-before level of educational sharing and collaboration!

Best educational use of audio
An extraordinary man.  A series of extraordinary sites.

Sean Banville & Breaking News English 

Best educational use of video
I think this one is so obvious, I almost don't even have to say why, do I?  Other than to say thanks so much, Russell, you've made so much of teaching with technology easier: kudos!

Russell Stannard & Teacher Training Videos

Best educational use of a wiki
Shelly Terrell & Özge Karaoğlu for their extraordinary well-updated wiki, Technology 4 Kids.

11 Responses to “Karenne's Blue Carpet Nominations: Edublogs Awards 2010”

  • Anonymous says:
    December 04, 2010

    Wow! Thank you very much Karenne. It really means a lot to me. I also believe that my writing has improved a lot during the last year. I think I have finally found my voice as you have put it once, and I owe it to you. You and some other great bloggers have set the example, and I have incorporated it uncounsciously in some way or other and it has all bloomed as a result of your challenge. Thanks for the help and for having kept me motivated to continue blogging.

  • Larry Ferlazzo says:
    December 04, 2010


    I'm honored! Thanks.

    (Larzo?) :)


    December 04, 2010

    Hey Larry... mmm, thinking about that one, wanted a cute way to say Lar(ry Ferlaz)zo... and remembered the other day someone refered to you as the guy in the MatrixII... when I get back from writers-group-meeting will see if I can come up with something snappier!

    Hey ya Sabrina, it has been a pleasure watching your talent unfold! Kudos my dear and hope you win!

  • Candy says:
    December 04, 2010

    Sheesh, Karenne! Thank you, darling! Never expected to be mentioned by such an illustrious colleague. It has, of course spurred me on to do more and beter things on my rather stark and reflective blog. I'm really pleased you like it though...

    Candy x

  • Adam says:
    December 04, 2010

    I genuinely delighted to have even had a mention, Karenne. A fine list indeed.

  • Adam says:
    December 04, 2010

    BTW, I was the one who likened Larry to Cypher from the Matrix!

    Sorry, Larry!

  • Sean Banville says:
    December 04, 2010

    Thank you so much Karenne - I feel incredibly honored and humbled by your nomination. Makes it all extremely worthwhile :-)

  • Sue Lyon-Jones says:
    December 04, 2010

    Cheers, Karenne!

    As you were pretty instrumental in inspiring me to start the tweeting and blogging ball rolling, I feel very honoured!

    Sue :-)

  • Tara Benwell says:
    December 06, 2010

    Your support of MyEC means so much to us. Thanks for being part of the community, Karenne! Can't wait to meet you in person in a few months.

  • Ana Maria Menezes says:
    February 05, 2011

    OH, Karenne
    Thank you so much for the nice words about Life Feast. I only saw your post now in 2011. :)
    Felt really flattered by the compliments, specially coming from you.

    February 06, 2011

    My pleasure, Ana


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