33 Top Tweets in #TEFL: 2010-May-23

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language:  

Issues/News in our industry

RT @willycard: Uni of Bath has DELTA integrated in MA #TESOL, that's smart, how advisable and overwhelming is that though? Top ideaMon May 17 21:17:59 via TweetDeck

Pearson Companies Win English-Language Teaching Awards in China http://bit.ly/cXo9OVFri May 14 14:50:15 via twitterfeed

Education Week: Common-Standards Draft Excludes ELL Proficiency http://goo.gl/Ygf6 #education #ell #eslFri May 21 15:44:28 via web

Pedagogy /Methodology/Linguistics 

RT @herbertpuchta: Kieran Egan on developing cognitive tools http://bit.ly/bU97GESat May 22 17:24:46 via TweetDeck

Excellent resource for #DELTA +those interested in language acquisition #hiddengems #beltfree @Marisa_C http://tiny.cc/k45cmSun May 23 08:21:12 via TweetDeck

Pinker's 3 ideas about language - sterling! http://bit.ly/vPeE0Sat May 15 02:39:53 via web

http://bit.ly/3oeR2 International Dialects of English Archive - hundreds of good quality audio samples #ELF #ELT #ESOL #EFL #ESLMon May 17 02:36:55 via TweetDeck

Great guest post by @MellanieP "Respect and Love" (Stuff all EFL teachers should know) http://ow.ly/1KxZM #efl #teachertraining #esl #edchatThu May 13 12:06:11 via HootSuite

Teaching English Tips + Lessons

Young Learners + Teens

Latest blog post: Young learners http://wp.me/pC2OH-26 #tefl #tesol #efl #esl #elt #beltfree <-- Great comment there! :-)Thu May 20 21:08:38 via TweetDeck

My students analyzed Eminem's lyrics to Beautiful 4 poetic value. They said it was the BEST lesson of unit. @TurklishTEFL @kalinagoenglishThu May 13 14:52:32 via web

General English

Quizlet: World Cup Flashcards I made http://quizlet.com/_1duk5Tue May 18 00:29:25 via web

RT @SeanBanville 32 Lesson plans on Soccer WorldCup 9pp activities/listening/online quizzes: http://bit.ly/8YqVrL #esl -topical + fabulous!Fri May 14 12:09:56 via web

Business English

RT @englishblog: BBC News - What is the etiquette of mobile phones in meetings? http://goo.gl/B7gC And what about during English lessons?!Sat May 15 00:31:03 via TweetDeck

Tech Tools + Teaching

via @vickysaumell Visual literacy: Flickr-fed web 2.0 tools http://bit.ly/bXPRsK #beltfreeThu May 13 17:23:12 via twitterfeed

RT @vale24: RT @bbettger: 10 best practices 4 using wikis in education. http://bit.ly/3j4aBWTue May 18 02:07:35 via TweetDeck

Microsoft Mouse Mischief: A free way to make your PowerPoint presentations interactive: http://tinyurl.com/y8j3aa3Mon May 17 22:02:19 via API

My first prezi Working in Asia http://bit.ly/9yma5m What a brilliant toolThu May 13 12:26:57 via TweetDeck

Social Media

RT @vale24 YouTube adds new 'unlisted' privacy option: only seen by people u share url with http://bit.ly/9wt7GZ via @monk51295 @abfromzThu May 13 13:13:36 via TweetDeck

@kalinagoenglish later, I am busy right now. Meanwhile enjoy post about resources Network Theory, http://bit.ly/ZXZl9Thu May 13 18:19:03 via Seesmic

100 Ways to Use Social Media in the Classroom: http://bit.ly/bJBqW6 via @rmbyrne #edchat #edtech #efl #tesolSat May 22 16:02:48 via web

RT @allofek12: Becoming a Branded Educator http://bit.ly/d4ZopvFri May 21 15:48:23 via TweetDeck


Embed articles - a great tool via @c4lpt http://bit.ly/97BUF3Fri May 14 21:43:02 via TweetDeck

Extremely good read: The new rules for judging 'quality' in published content http://bit.ly/9Lj8rS via @glinnerWed May 12 09:36:14 via web

Vale la penha? I didn't enjoy writing this at all. Why did I? Peer pressure and a sense of obligation. Hardly a defence http://bit.ly/13wsjRTue May 11 05:14:12 via TweetDeck

Mainstream Educational Links of Interest

It’s like they got PhDs… "Welcome to the real world, would-be teachers." http://goo.gl/7b0N #edchat #ntchatFri May 21 15:47:57 via web

Why do we teach students to compete against others for access to knowledge? #education #edchat http://wp.me/ptcfd-30Sat May 15 04:17:24 via web

RT @ShellTerrell: Vision: WhySomeChildrenExhibit"Confusing Misperceptions Abt the World: Fantasic Article.. http://bit.ly/amqPFA #newedblogSat May 22 18:36:07 via TweetDeck

Frowns, Smiles + Laughs

@Marisa_C @dudeneyge @cbsiskin yes, most people (esp. in UK/US etc) think iteaching just an easy 'holiday'. Curse of the backpackerWed May 12 19:07:25 via TweetDeck

I did DELTA straight after uni- desperate to avoid suit jobs @kalinagoenglish @Harmerj a whole lot of us started TEFL lives as backpackersWed May 12 22:57:30 via web

@kalinagoenglish "How'd u make yourself go old?" There R 2 ways, Karenne. Wait 4 20 years or use http://in20years.com U have been warned!Tue May 11 16:03:30 via web

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3 Responses to “33 Top Tweets in #TEFL: 2010-May-23”

  • Barbara Sakamoto says:
    May 25, 2010

    Great list, Karenne, as always! I missed a lot of these, and appreciate the chance to catch up :-)

  • Jason Renshaw says:
    May 25, 2010

    Another outstanding round-up, Karenne.

    I have a confession to make... I used Twitter a lot less this month because... I find lists of relevant and interesting tweets like yours and Shelly's more effective and much more time efficient!

    So thank you, and just wish I could think of some way I could help YOU save some time :-)


    - Jason

    May 25, 2010

    @Barbara + Jason

    Very glad to help!

    Must say that these round-ups are so much easier now that I can use the BlackBird Bookmarklet - I'd given up on saving these sometime last year due to the process of snapping pictures of tweets, uploading and then finding the urls to link etc, plus Shelly started to do hers and weekly so was content to just read hers and Larry's.

    But this new function is actually pretty handy (not just for my blog readers but for me LOL - as it means I've got an easy mini-reference-library to refer back to when writing blog-watch articles for print mags!

    :) Karenne


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