Recent postings 2010-05

Here in Germany, summer keeps threatening to arrive, peeping through gray clouds with random slivers of sunshine somehow explaining why that idiom about silver linings was invented, yet unfortunately it doesn't stay.  I'm a bit tired of the non-ending rain, to be honest, and wearing sweaters  with my neck and shoulders wrapped up warm to keep me from getting a chill, but still, I've got a cough that just won't go away... 

This weekend was a really big one: an old friend has decided to move back to Stuttgart  (she'd left for the US about 3 years ago) and weirdly, coincidentally, she's moving into the same street that I live in - which is lovely news as I'll now have someone to pop 'round for coffee with instead of only blogging and tweeting  in my spare time.  

However there was some bad news too - a mutual friend of ours died without warning.   He was in his 40's and fit as a horse.

Anyway, before I bore you too much, I took some time out to do my half-yearly spring-cleaning of the blog, tidied up the template while looking for ways to make it easier and more efficient for you to find what you're looking for on your visits here and I really do hope you like the changes.  

Also, I decided to separate my own posts from the monthly wrap-up of the ELT Blogosphere - especially as it's a bumper edition this time round!   Coming on Tuesday.

On Kalinago English
Teaching English


Social Networking

Coming soon...
  • ELT Blogosphere: list of the best I've been reading
  • A poem on globalization by a good friend of mine (lesson ice-breaker)
  • Powerpointing my office
  • Donkey bridges
  • The opposite of love
  • Reflections of Mark Pegrum's book: From Blogs to Bombs*
  • IATEFL LT-SIG day report 

during the course of June, I'll be doing a lot of guest-posting!  I'm looking forward to paying back some of the wonderful guests I've had on here and have others I'd like to pay forward and for some, just wanna pay for the sake of it :-).

How has your month been?


2 Responses to “Recent postings 2010-05”

  • monika hardy says:
    May 30, 2010

    you are so amazing... and inspiring. you have done so much for ed.. and have it so organized for others to benefit from it..

    thank you for that.

    glad to hear you have a friend to hang with. i'm jealous. i would love to live down the street from you.


    May 31, 2010

    Me 2, Monika-Cool-Beans! :-)


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