20 Top Tweets in #TEFL: 2010-May-12

Tweets I've favorited, visited, commented on, enjoyed and/or recommend in some way...

Teaching English as a Foreign Language:  

Issues/News in our industry

RT @iateflonline: Clicks & bricks help Congo teachers join the global ELT conversation http://bit.ly/cA0hL1Sat May 01 12:31:58 via TweetDeck

RT @MacmillanELT: We have completed a full overhaul of our anti-bribery compliance policies and procedures. http://ow.ly/1HIatThu May 06 14:24:53 via TweetDeck

RT @paulmaglione: How English erased its roots to become the global language of 21st century. #efl #elt #esl #tesol http://bit.ly/aq7kNiSun May 09 12:23:38 via TweetDeck

@hoprea Every Sunday we discuss ideas related to language learning and teaching #ELLCHATSun May 09 18:42:53 via TweetGrid

Lake School of English, Oxford, is recruiting EFL teachers for July and August summer courses https://www.englishinoxford.com/Sun May 09 12:50:15 via web

Teaching English Issues, Tips /Lessons

Young Learners + Teens

Nice games to teach Internet Safety http://bit.ly/rwZS9Sun May 09 12:48:25 via TweetDeck

Newsround: Outstanding news resource site for learners aged 9-15 http://bit.ly/cvNESIThu May 06 15:16:46 via TypePad

General English Adults

New intermediate English lesson on our blog: UK Politics/General Elections http://esolcourses.blogspot.com/ #esl #esol #beltfree #englishSun May 09 17:31:31 via web

Darfur is Dying - Critical thinking/educational game for change: http://su.pr/1BU4MD #games #education (via @missiontolearn)Thu May 06 17:04:25 via Su.pr

RT @vale24 Teacher zones: Dictionaries zone #ELT CUP @CambridgeWords: Lesson plans, worksheet etc for... http://bit.ly/943C0ESun May 09 17:59:38 via web

Business English

BESIG Webinar: The best teaching resource? Our students? http://ht.ly/1IMx3 Online mini-conference for business English teachers #besigSun May 09 16:00:10 via HootSuite

Tech Tools + Teaching

Top 10 Wordle Lessons for the Classroom http://goo.gl/fxml #eslMon May 03 14:20:51 via web

via @NikPeachey Create Quick Interactive Activities http://bit.ly/bZMDYK #beltfreeSun May 09 09:56:35 via twitterfeed

RT @tombarrett: 28 Interesting Ways to Use Audio in your Classroom http://bit.ly/9L2D9t <-Love the "Interesting Ways" Series!Sun May 09 18:49:36 via TweetDeck

Social Media

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline via #NYT http://ow.ly/1IM46 #facebookSun May 09 15:16:15 via HootSuite

RT @livesofteachers RT @OzMark17: The Guardian:'Why Twitter is the quickest way from Q 2 A' http://bit.ly/8ZT0YP (very interesting research)Sun May 09 19:57:38 via web

Mainstream Educational Links of Interest

Podstemic: Changing the Face of STEM Education with iPods http://bit.ly/aDf65u #edtechSun May 09 20:45:27 via TweetDeck

"(One of) The Duality(ies) of #Edtech " ( http://bit.ly/cUsFgR ) #edchatSun May 09 21:06:06 via twitthat

Frowns /+ Smiles

Twitter sometimes makes me feel like this - http://bit.ly/b5wKXKSun May 09 12:49:21 via web

=)RT @JordiJubany: The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. W. A. WardSun May 02 20:28:50 via TweetDeck

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4 Responses to “20 Top Tweets in #TEFL: 2010-May-12”

  • Janet Bianchini says:
    May 10, 2010

    Dear Karenne

    You have included fabulous links of great topical interest as always. I missed a few of them so will be busy catching up asap.

    Thank you so much for including my tweet re Lake School post. I appreciate this enormously.



  • Jason Renshaw says:
    May 10, 2010

    This is awesome, Karenne!

    I'm wondering how you managed to embed the tweets into your post so smoothly - they look great and it is brilliant to be able to click straight through the links.

    Cool stuff - most impressed!

    ~ J

    May 10, 2010

    It wasn't too, too smooth - but it will be from next time onwards!

    BlackBird http://media.twitter.com/blackbird-pie/

    was tweeted and blogged about quite a lot last week - (the ability to embed tweets, made by Twitter)

    so I s'pose I should have embedded one of those tweets on this page, huh?

    But then Xavier Damman "hacked" (redeveloped) it to make it much more user-friendly with less steps:


    Hope that helps!


    May 10, 2010

    No problem, Janet - if anyone wants to contact Janet re finding out more details re the Lake School Job, (she trains teachers for them at times) click on her name and you'll be able to write to her to get contact details/more info on school!


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